A versatile e-bus called eBussy

A versatile e-bus called eBussy

We suspect Ebussy will be very popular because it’s cute and the first of its kind.

It’s a German concept, all electric of course and we hope there’ll be a British equivalent soon.

It’s modular and Lego-like with prices starting from 16000 EUR.

Imagine a bus-related use and there’s going to be a version for you, from pick up, to enclosed van to hi-spec camper and so on.

Batteries are stored in drawer-like compartments that are part of the chassis. And you can have the steering wheel positioned left, right or centre dashboard.

The standard length is c12 feet so it’s small. It has four ‘engines’ one for each wheel and a variable and top up-able range of some 150 miles.

We’re told it’s quite zippy despite a top speed of just under 60 mph. And that it’s going to be produced and sold from 2021 onwards.

What do you think?

Here’s the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47gWIfC00JM

Here’s the website https://electricbrands.de/en/#produkte

And if you’re feeling in the mood, just google the link to The Who’s Magic Bus to remind you of eBussy…

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