Why does your boot matter?

Why does your boot matter?

Boot Space

When it comes to looking at new cars the last place we tend to take our time inspecting is the boot! Considering we carry everything from pushchairs, the weekly food shop, pets, and other equipment for hobbies like golf clubs, the boot space is a pretty big deal.

Estate cars v SUV’s

If you are looking for amazing boot space, there are two cars that you need to consider. An estate will offer you more boot space but an SUV will give you more height, especially a large SUV. Typically an SUV will give you better visibility of the road and most SUV’s arguably offer a safer car for the driver and the family. This means that there is less demand for estate cars, but that doesn’t always mean you will pay less for one.

When choosing between an SUV and an Estate ultimately it comes down to personal requirements and what you want from the car. We have listed our top 5 big boot cars, based on style, comfort, and family practicality.

Audi Q7 (2015 – 2019)

You can choose the Q7 with either 5 or 7 seats giving you a third row in the back.

These can be easily folded down electronically giving you extra space.

All of the passenger seats have Isofix points making it an ideal car for bigger families.

The boot offers around 770 litres of space with the third row of seats flat. Giving you plenty of room for a pushchair or a pet carrier. But if you need even more space, you can fold down all the seats to give you a whopping 1,955 litres.

Skoda Superb Estate

This car is ultimately the best for space. Offering easy loading and unloading from the boot space unlike the SUV, it is an ideal candidate for golf clubs and other heavy equipment.

Used by the Tour de France for cycling support vehicles due to the space offered with the seats down. 2,000 litres to be presise.

Kia Sorento

Kia vehicles have changed massively over the years taking them from value to more mainstream. Just like the Audi Q7 you can easily seat 7 people in this comfortable SUV. If you are traveling with just 5 passengers the third row can drop giving you 660 litres of boot space. For taller people this SUV is ideal and you may find it more comfortable than a Land Rover Discovery Sport.

Volvo V60

With a boot space of 529-litre boot space, it’s one of the biggest you will find from most similar cars like the Audi A4 Avant, BMW 3 Series Touring and the Mercedes C Class Estate. The V60 makes driving comfortable and relaxing with plenty of room in the front, but reviews show that passengers were left wanting more room in the back seats. T

The V60 is family safe, comfortable and stylish.

Range Rover

When looking for an SUV this is the one that usually comes out on top every time because of its 900 litre boot space and passenger space for five people. The Range Rover screams Luxury, as well as giving everyone comfort and space being of a similar size to a Mercedes GLS and a BMW X7. With the back seats up you can easily fit a set of golf clubs, a pushchair and even a small pet carrier, leaving space for other items as well. The towing capacity of this impressive 4×4 starts at 2,500kg for the plug-in hybrid version and going all the way to 3,500kg for other versions.

The height that the Range Rover offers overall, makes this one of our “top picks” of 2021 when looking for a vehicle with great boot space.

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