All Things Dash Cam!

All Things Dash Cam!

As the number of cars on the road each year increases, dash cams are more of a common thing now than they were in the past.

Mounted on your dashboard or windscreen- they are designed to capture video, pictures and sounds of the surroundings of your vehicle whilst in use. It’s important to remember to position the dash cam in a place that does not obscure your view and is within reach of the cigarette lighter socket or charging port.

The main selling point of any dash cam is that it can be used as evidence in the event of an accident or can greatly assist when it comes to processing a claim.

Being in an accident can be an overwhelming experience. Trying to remember the specific details of the incident can be easier said than done- this is the time where you can use a dash cam to help you fill in the blanks when reporting a claim.

It also worth remembering that many accidents are not clear-cut and the claims process can be frustrating, particularly if the third party denies liability. Being able to provide video evidence showing you’re not at fault can only help speed up the process and potentially turn what could have been “50-50” incident to a non-fault claim. With the money that you could potentially save yourself in premiums having the dash cam would effectively pay for itself in this scenario. You can also use it to help prevent fraud against ‘crash for cash’ claims.

It doesn’t have to be used exclusively for accidents or collisions- some people like using the camera to document road trips or record anything unexpected whilst out driving, for example you may have heard requests from police forces across the country for dash cam footage which could be used to help in an investigation.

There are loads of different features to look out for and even more brands when deciding which one to buy however there are also plenty of online forums offering advice and which models offer the best value for money.

Some of the higher spec models feature 4k or 1440p HD recording and can also feature Alexa voice control for the driver’s convenience.

Dash cams can be useful for non-collision incidents also. Parking mode is a unique feature in many dash cams now where the camera goes on stand-by, however it will turn itself on and begin recording when there is a bump or any physical movement on the car. This can come in handy in any hit and run incidents if you were ever out and about and parked the car in a car park.

One of the most useful features among some of the higher spec models is emergency SOS response. If you are ever involved in an accident, you can use the dash cam to alert emergency services to your location. Some even allow you to pre-save medical data such as blood type and allergies which can further aid emergency responders if any treatment is required.

Of course not all models include such features but with prices ranging from £30 up to over £400 there are plenty out there suited to everyone’s budget- so there is no need to break the bank in order to get one.

Cornmarket Car Insurance policies recognise the value of dash cams and have negotiated with several our underwriters so that they can waive any compulsory excess applicable to your policy (excluding voluntary excesses), whether you are at fault or not. To avail of this benefit, you will need to provide the Dash Camera footage (or any other form of visual recording) covering the period of, and immediately prior to, any accident within 48 hours of the incident occurring. Speak to one of the Cornmarket Insurance experts today on 028 9044 2200 to learn more.

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