Podcasts About Cars You Should Be Listening To

Podcasts About Cars You Should Be Listening To

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Podcasts About Cars You Should Be Listening To

According to Backtrack.fm’s recently released statistics, only 37% of women listen to podcasts regularly.

We wanted to put together a list of some great Podcasts for the Foxy Lady Drivers Club surrounding the topic of cars.

Women Talking About Cars is a new series released on BBC Radio 4, where host Victoria Coren Mitchell interviews famous women, looking at their lives from the perspective of the cars they have known.

Shifting Points Podcast is a podcast by interviewers Aurda and Kathy, and they are self proclaimed women who love cars and love to talk about them. It may be from across the seas, but many of the topics they cover and people they interview are very interesting.

The Straight Shift with The Car Chick is a regular podcast released by LeaAnn Stattuck that gives straight forward, brutally honest advice about car buying, car selling, automotive maintenance and repairs, safe driving and more. A great listen to expand your automotive knowledge.

The Car Care Podcast is hosted by New Again Car Care. This podcast, hosted by male presenters, Gary and Steve, gives top tips on how to keep your old car looking new.

A top tip from us is to cover your car with a used car warranty from Best4 Warranty. You will release yourself from financial liability if any mechanical or electrical failures happen to your car. Thus, keeping it running like new.

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