Upcoming Changes To The Highway Code

Upcoming Changes To The Highway Code

Highway Code Changes

The Government have proposed some changes within the UK’s Highway Code which will affect drivers.

The main aim of the changes is to keep the more vulnerable road users safe. For example, when driving along side a cyclist you have great responsibility as a driver to keep that cyclist safe as they are classed as a vulnerable road user. This doesn’t mean the cyclist doesn’t have a duty to keep themselves safe but it means as a driver you will face tough questions and potentially consequences if anything happens to that cyclist.

This probably doesn’t seem like much of a change as most people would class this as a standard procedure, but the changes are formalised as a hierarchy so that everybody officially knows where they stand.

Another similar change taking place is the regards of safe clearance when overtaking a cyclist-once again keeping the vulnerable road users safe.

At speeds under 30mph you will need a distance of 1.5 metres between yourself and the cyclist, and 2.0 metres of distance when driving at speeds over 30mph.

Keeping in mind that pedestrians and horses should be given a distance of 2.0 metres with horses being passed at a maximum speed of 15mph.

If you are unable to keep a safe distance then you are obligated to wait and keep back until you can do so.

The last change affects those who own electric cars. All owners must make sure that the charging cable for their cars is not a tripping hazard for pedestrians, ensuring that the cable is avoided by those walking or cycling.

We are aware that these change aren’t huge, but they are put in place to clarify existing rules on pedestrian priority as well as cyclist and horse riders safety.

Guest Blog – Paige – Motor Connect

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