Why I write a motoring blog for and about women

Why I write a motoring blog for and about women

Here are just a few of the business reasons why I write a motoring blog for women.

1/ The number of women drivers on UK roads has risen dramatically. There are now very nearly 18 million of us compared to some 22 million male drivers. And the trend seems to be for the number of women to rise even further in the near future whereas the number of men is predicted to fall.

Surprise, surprise, men and women are different as customers, especially when it comes to our cars! Among many other factors, women want to know about their best value female motoring choices when it comes to garages, car dealers and insurance products.

2/ Few females read motoring sections that are written by and for men because, they tell me, they are usually too blokey a read for them to enjoy.

3/ At the opposite end of the scale, many (usually female) Editors of popular lifestyle magazines dismiss motoring topics as out of place alongside the likes of their preferred fashion, beauty, health and leisure features. Other than Good Housekeeping magazine, with an occasional motoring column, other women readers need to know about their motoring choices in this unregulated industry.

This is why I remind FOXY Lady blog readers that they buy CHEAP cars and garage services at their peril because a poorly maintained or badly serviced car can be dangerous.

4/ Despite the many good motoring buys and great guys in this industry, how do you know which ones you can trust? I know how to tell, and I’m happy to share this knowledge in my blog.

5/ This blog reminds us all that women are THE gender spenders when it comes to buying cars, garage and motoring services. We already buy as many new cars, as men, in our own right and are said to influence some 80% of all cars sold. I never doubted this! So why is it that so few women think that their business is valued by the business in question.

As I see it, no female should have to put up with second rate motoring services or feel the need to delegate garage visits or test drives to a man. If women expect more for less, they have every right to ask for it… Or to walk away when they don’t get what they want or feel patronised.

6/ I want to teach the typically masculine motor industry lessons re what women want and expect from garages and car showrooms. I’d be a rich person if I could earn from the many times I’ve heard garage owners tell us ‘We treat men and women the same ie why would we want to be seen as female friendly?’

The overlooked point is that whilst men and women should be treated the SAME as staff ie when it comes to pay and benefits, we’re DIFFERENT as chalk and cheese when it comes to shopping. An example of this is to do with cleanliness I’d suggest.

So I include a few blogs about the best, often FOXY Lady Approved, garages and car dealers to illustrate this point. We also know that, given time, she’ll always head for the female garage or dealer choice, once she knows there is one in her area.

7/ I also blog to put the spotlight on critical safety-related topics that women really do need to know about. Cars are potentially too dangerous for us to say ‘I didn’t know that about my tyres’ or ‘I leave it until my MOT’ or ‘My husband looks after this (who may or may not be any wiser than she is)’ or worst of all ‘I just put petrol in it’.

No excuses are allowed in the FOXY Lady blog; I’m always staggered by the ones I hear.

8/ To encourage women to consider a career in the automotive industry. The more I write about the exceptional females who are making a difference in their respective areas, from the Boardroom to the workshop and showroom floor, the more female friendly the industry becomes for the gender spenders.

And the industry still needs many more women in it.

All this can be a tricky literary tightrope to tread! With no compromises allowed when it comes to the quality of the written word.

FOXY Steph

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