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All blog posts here are written by Steph Savill, Founder of FOXY Lady Drivers Club.

Check before you travelCheck before you travel

Whether you’re travelling on two or four wheels, how they perform is a key function and they are your main point of contact with the surface of the road whatever type of vehicle you are in or on.

How to have a greener ChristmasHow to have a greener Christmas

IAM RoadSmart has a mission to make better drivers and riders in order to improve road safety, inspire confidence and make driving and riding enjoyable.

The true impact of COVID on our roadsThe true impact of COVID on our roads

Data from the Department for Transport (DfT) revealed there were 1,472 fatalities in reported road accidents in 2020, a decrease of 16% from the previous year.

New crash statistics reveal e-scooter casualties for the first timeNew crash statistics reveal e-scooter casualties for the first time

The most common factor allocated in pedal cyclist versus other vehicle collisions was ‘Driver or rider failed to look properly’, underlining the critical importance of observation and anticipation in ensuring we can all share the roads...

Almost half of motorists support making 20mph the new 30mphAlmost half of motorists support making 20mph the new 30mph

The main reasons put forward by supporters of a blanket reduction in the speed limit are to ‘make the roads safer’ (49%) and ‘reduce accidents / saving lives’ (24%).

Study reveal that 4 million drivers have fallen asleep behind the wheelStudy reveal that 4 million drivers have fallen asleep behind the wheel

“It is shocking to think a potential four million drivers have closed their eyes behind the wheel because they were so tired, even if it was just for a short time. The potential carnage that could result from even one accident doesn’t bear...

Being in an accident can be an overwhelming experienceBeing in an accident can be an overwhelming experience

Cornmarket Car Insurance policies recognise the value of dash cams and have negotiated with several our underwriters so that they can waive any compulsory excess applicable to your policy (excluding voluntary excesses), whether you are at fault...

Is it better to buy a used car compared to a new car?Is it better to buy a used car compared to a new car?

Buying a new car has the perks of having a much wider available selection and the opportunity to make it personal to you.

Guest Blog By Phoebe Brunnock @ Autoguard Warranties

Petrol or Diesel?Petrol or Diesel?

We have put together the pros and cons of both petrol and diesel cars for those who are undecided on what car/engine is best suited to them!

A foxy farewell from Steph SavillA foxy farewell from Steph Savill

Professional marketer Steph Savill retires from Foxy, handing over to Francesca Pipistrelli

Changes to The Highway CodeChanges to The Highway Code

Do you keep up to date with changes to the Highway Code? For example, do you know of the significant changes proposed by the Department for Transport during 2020 which are designed to improve road safety for cyclists, pedestrians and horse...

October is Tyre Safety MonthOctober is Tyre Safety Month

Get used to walking around your car and looking at your tyres. That’s the cheapest and easiest way to see if anything looks wrong. If you spot a slow puncture get it fixed there and then – ‘a stitch in time’ as they say,...

Misleading Automotive ClaimsMisleading Automotive Claims

Tesla’s use of the term ‘autopilot’ is said to be misleading – leading some to think that their car can drive itself when this is not the case.

Why You Need A Female Friendly GarageWhy You Need A Female Friendly Garage

A friendly receptionist doesn’t make it a female friendly garage or car dealer. Women need to know which local businesses meet FOXY standards to be her future female choices.

Esports Virtual Motor Racing and WomenEsports Virtual Motor Racing and Women

Is driving any car in a simulator all that different from driving the real thing? Similar just different perhaps. Much like test driving a new car even? And how does e-racing compare with the real track experience?

Car showroom choices after coronavirusCar showroom choices after coronavirus

DEKRA research encourages dealers to work harder for car sales in the face of increasing digital challenges.

A Staff Benefit with a DifferenceA Staff Benefit with a Difference

Staff benefits, such as membership of FOXY Lady Drivers Club, costing less than £50 per employee are attractively exempt from NI and tax deductions in the UK.

Information and advice for businesses re coronavirusInformation and advice for businesses re coronavirus

What can businesses do to stop coronavirus from infecting and affecting their business? Here’s some thoughts and tips.

What price will drive electric car salesWhat price will drive electric car sales

Too few motorists know about salary sacrifice and how affordable this can make electric cars, according to Tusker.

When Motoring Things Go Wrong...When Motoring Things Go Wrong...

FOXY advice when motoring things go wrong. Better to be prepared and nothing happen than not prepared when something does.

Citroen's New Car Scrappage SchemeCitroen's New Car Scrappage Scheme

Citroën UK’s new Swappage Scheme means customers can trade in their old vehicles and receive a discount of up to £5,000 on Citroën passenger models until 31/12/2019

Nervous drivers on motorwaysNervous drivers on motorways

Many motorists are nervous about motorway driving despite these being our safest roads. We recommend refreshing your driving knowledge, taking training and getting more experience.

Age, gender and car accident researchAge, gender and car accident research

Elderly women drivers are three times more likely to be involved in a car crash than men in the same age bracket.

How To Get Your Car Repaired After An AccidentHow To Get Your Car Repaired After An Accident

Did you know that you can choose the bodywork repairer you want after a car accident. Yet it’s typically easier but not always better to use your insurer’s repairer or an accident management service?

A Motoring Manifesto For Automotive ChangeA Motoring Manifesto For Automotive Change

FOXY’s Motoring Manifesto in 2019 with women drivers in mind

Garages of the FutureGarages of the Future

Today’s garages are more concerned with providing wifi whereas tomorrow’s garages, seen by the Direct Line Group, look more like sci-fi.Bring it on we say.

Do we need an Honest Joanna motoring website?Do we need an Honest Joanna motoring website?

Is it time for the automotive industry to review its motoring communications now there are 12 million female car owners and this gender market is growing faster than males?

Choosing an electric carChoosing an electric car

Recent research suggests that few motorists understand or calculate the real life cost of an electric car after considering the high cost of buying one versus the everyday fuel savings thereafter.

Expensive Replacement Car PartsExpensive Replacement Car Parts

New technologies mean that accident repair car parts are rising more than paint and wages

New Car Sales, Pollution and VolkswagenNew Car Sales, Pollution and Volkswagen

VW Group brands Audi, Porsche, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen have reported that some of their models do not meet new September 2018 WLTP legislation re fuel consumption and emissions.

The Case for Regulation in the Motor IndustryThe Case for Regulation in the Motor Industry

UK garages aren’t regulated and not enough staff are licensed to sell, service or repair our cars. That’s not good enough.

Women Drivers Deserve BetterWomen Drivers Deserve Better

Stay woke women. You are responsible for your car and its safety. But do you know how to steer clear of motoring cowboys and shoddy services?

GDPR smoke and mirrors...GDPR smoke and mirrors...

GDPR has wasted too much of our time. Thank goodness today is the end to it. Please see our Privacy Policy if need be.

How to invalidate your car insuranceHow to invalidate your car insurance

Might you be invalidating your insurance without knowing you are doing this. Here are some tips to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

AA restructure, job losses and franchised breakdown choicesAA restructure, job losses and franchised breakdown choices

Is the AA heading for a franchising future for breakdown services for UK motorists?

Why do women pay less for car insurance in 2018Why do women pay less for car insurance in 2018

Car insurance rates for women working in female oriented occupations are lower than men. Is this fair or simply based on female facts?

Why I write a motoring blog for and about womenWhy I write a motoring blog for and about women

I use FOXY Lady blog to spell out the female business case for more motoring communications for women. But let’s have these in a grown up but female friendly fashion, not patronising or overly masculine.

What Is A Female Friendly Car Dealer?What Is A Female Friendly Car Dealer?

The UK car industry is famous for complaints and too many women feel vulnerable here. But at least if they choose a female friendly approved car dealer they’ll know what the business has been through to become one.

About GPS Tracking DevicesAbout GPS Tracking Devices

Also known as telematics, GPS vehicle tracking systems improve driver behaviour for younger motorists and can reduce the cost of car insurance for women.

Too many women drivers avoid garagesToo many women drivers avoid garages

After IMI research confirmed that too many women were avoiding garages, for want of being able to determine one they could trust, FOXY Steph Savill got involved in a series of radio interviews...

Steph Goes Tyre Testing in GermanySteph Goes Tyre Testing in Germany

How to be sure that the four patches of rubber you rely on between your car and the road are as safe as they might be in the event of an emergency

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