October is Tyre Safety Month

October is Tyre Safety Month

Tyre Safety is an annual motoring campaign that is close to FOXY Steph’s heart, which is why this Club supports it.

Get your tyres checked by a FOXY Lady Approved tyre centre during Tyre Safety Month (October 2020) and women can claim a free online membership of FOXY Lady Drivers Club as a free tyre safety gift.

Free Tyre Safety Gift

Once you’ve had your tyre safety check you can claim a free gift membership of FOXY Lady Drivers Club. Just enter #TSM2020 in the Referring Organisation box.

See here for other tyre safety advice and information

Tyre Safety Month 2020

October is Tyre Safety Month when we remind ALL drivers to check their car tyre condition, tread and pressures at least once a month.

Apparently too few motorists do this as regularly as we should which is why FOXY Lady Approved tyre centres are happy to do this for us, for free, especially when we’re too busy to do this for ourself. Just enter your postcode in the garage or tyre centre boxes to see your choices.

The good news is that all FOXY Lady Approved businesses have signed the FOXY Lady Promise to ‘never overcharge, patronise or sell women anything we don’t need.’ This matters because there are still tyre centres/brands that can’t sign this promise because they encourage their fitters to sell us tyres and services regardless, to earn commission.

NB: Where your tyres are near their legal tread limit, a good tyre centre should be able to give you a clue how long you’ve got before you need to change them.

FOXY supports this road safety message to spread the word to women drivers who EITHER aren’t as well informed about tyre safety as they should be OR who delegate tyre matters to a significant other, usually male, who may not be as tyre safety savvy as they make out.

Defective Tyres

Improved tyre safety awareness matters because more than a quarter of Britain’s motorists are driving on poorly maintained or defective++ tyres and more than half the tyres plying Britain’s roads are dangerously under-inflated.

++Defective tyres are those with

  • lumps, bumps, cracks and cuts
  • aged rubber (often on low-mileage trailers, caravans, classic cars and horseboxes)
  • illegal tread (less than 1.6mm)
  • under or over-inflated pressure levels.

Clearly the road safety case is more important than saving money by scrimping on tyre checks and replacements but always remember that if you’re caught with illegal tyre tread (under 1.6mm) you can be fined £2500 per tyre and have three penalty points (per illegal tyre) added to your licence – adding to the cost of your car insurance at renewal time.

Furthermore, if you are driving on under-inflated car tyres you will be wasting expensive fuel too.

Tyre Safety Checks

We recommend you check your tyres monthly and that you add a monthly ‘tyre safety check’ reminder to your calendar/diary plans.

To get you into the habit of checking your car’s tyres monthly we’re offering you a free gift membership of FOXY Lady Drivers Club after completing this simple triple tyre check in October. You can EITHER carry out this triple tyre safety check yourself or go to a FOXY Lady Approved garage or tyre centre and they’ll do this for you.

Either way, when you are confident that your tyres are as safe as they should be, UK women drivers can claim their free online gift membership of FOXY Lady Drivers Club with our compliments – as explained at the beginning of this blog.

How to ACT during Tyre Safety Month

Of course you should check your tyres every month not just in October so the road safety charity Tyresafe has come up with this clever acronym ACT to remind us of the three critical things to check.

1) The A stands for AIR PRESSURE
2) The C stands for CONDITION of your tyres
3) The T stands for TREAD depth

If you want do do this yourself but aren’t sure how, here are the links to the information to help you at the Tyresafe website.

A) Know your recommended air pressure levels

Bear in mind front and rear tyre pressures might be different, and the limit will depend on whether the car’s partly or fully loaded. For an accurate reading, test the tyres when they’re cold and use a quality gauge (you can buy a combined pump and gauge). Inflate tyres if necessary and don’t forget to check the spare while you’re at it.

C) Check the condition of your car tyres

Get into the habit of walking round your car regularly looking for any signs of wear and tear. Kerb damage is a curse and can lead to a slowly deflating tyre – and yes, with a keen eye, you can spot new lumps, bumps and cuts before this damage gets too serious/expensive. Always get it sorted as soon as you spot it – don’t wait until your tyre is a total write-off.

Always remove any debris collected within the tyre tread grooves.

T) Check your tyre tread depth

More than one in 4 car tyres are already dangerous ie illegal when they are replaced.

We recommend you carry out the 20p tyre check monthly and here’s an easy tyre tread check to help you know how to do it and why.

NB: Tyre tread does not always wear evenly. This means that some grooves wear more than others. This usually indicates that your wheels have become misaligned; once again kerb damage is often the culprit here, when you should pay extra to have your wheel alignment checked. A good tyre centre will test this for you and give you a computerised statement to confirm this. A realigned tyre will last longer.

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