Is it better to buy a used car compared to a new car?

Is it better to buy a used car compared to a new car?

Buying New or Used?

There is no straight and narrow answer for this. It completely depends on who is buying the car.

Questions to ask yourself:
1) How long are you planning to keep it?
2) Are you likely to get bored and want a new car after 2 or 3 years?
3) What do you want to own?
4) What can you afford?

Buying New
Buying a new car has the perks of having a much wider available selection and the opportunity to make it personal to you. You’ll be the first owner ever of the car and, if you’ve picked out the details, the car has been made for you.

Maintenance for the new car is simple, as they come with a manufacturer’s warranty, which lasts 3 years. After the 3 years, it’s up to the owner to cover their car with an extended car warranty.

If you’re planning on keeping the car for 7+ years, you’re probably best off buying it. There’s no point worrying about depreciation of the value of the car because you bought this car as an investment for you, not to sell it on!

Buying Used
Committing to a long term payment plan for a new car may be daunting. If you’re in a less committed time in your life, it’s probably best for you to get a used car. There are many used and approved cars that are sold at main brand or independent dealerships to find what is best for you. They may even offer payment plans so you may not have to pay in full. If you’re looking to keep monthly overheads low, but still looking to show off your wheels buying a used car is the way to go.

There are hidden gems at these dealerships, as some are basically brand new and will have had one owner, driven minimal miles and been taken care of; so it’s definitely recommended to shop around to find what you’re looking for.

Getting your used car a warranty is the best way to get the best and most out of your new car. You’ll get ultimate peace of mind that your car has mechanical and electrical cover as well as reassurance that you won’t have to pick up an unpleasant repair bill at the end.

So, to answer the question: is it better to buy a used car compared to a new car? It’s up to the buyer, what’s best for their situation?

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