How to invalidate your car insurance

How to invalidate your car insurance

According to research from pay-as-you-go insurer, Cuvva, insurers have the right to void your policy if they discover certain misdemeanours have been committed in the event of an accident. And knowing that the average claim pay-out in 2017 was £2,936, the consequences could be considerable.

For example, 70% of drivers admitted to the following driving behaviour that could expose them to a fine or voided car insurance in the case of an accident.

  • Two in five (43%) had eaten at the wheel
  • One in five had a pet in the front seat
  • One in six (16%) had driven in flip flops
  • 15% had driven barefoot.

UK drivers are also leaving themselves open to fines.

  • 12% admitted to parking someone else’s car without checking they’re insured
  • One in 20 have borrowed a car without checking their insurance first.

Who would be penalised here?

Do you know the answer to this question?

Question: If you let someone else drive your car without correct insurance, do you know the right answer*?

Answer: Both parties are actually penalised, confirms Cuvva. The person who does the driving will be charged with an IN10 (using a vehicle uninsured against third party risks), while the person who lets someone else drive their car without correct insurance could be charged with an IN12. Both carry an automatic six to eight penalty points on your licence and in the worst case scenario, a fine of up to £5,000 and a driving ban.

*43% of motorists surveyed didn’t know the answer.

When it comes to gender, Cuvva’s research revealed

  • men are more likely to borrow a car without checking the insurance covers them (6.8% to women’s 3.5%)
  • women are more likely to drive with a pet in the front seat (21% vs 14% for men).

Freddy Macnamara, CEO and founder of Cuvva, said: “The insurance industry needs to start educating drivers so that more people can avoid making common mistakes. Some of these slips-ups, such as offering to park a car for a friend, seem fairly innocent but can still be met with crippling fines and license penalty points.”

Steph Savill, FOXY Lady Drivers Club founder added “The example of who is responsible if you let someone else drive your car without correct insurance is very telling. Did you know that both parties could get an automatic 6 to 8 penalty points awarded? Very often we react to the price quote and never read the small print here. But clearly we need to read this in more detail in future.”

Please pass this advice on to others who should know.

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